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CLUB KIT Bring and or buy sale

The racing season is nearly with us .... and with the delays in finalising the new club kit there are members ( racers ) out there in desperate need of club kits.

For the next few Fridays, If you have spare PTW club kit you don't use, please offer it on the forum, OR even better, bring it to the club night when you come along to enjoy and take part in the ROLLER LEAGUES

I bet there are loads of you out there with the old kit lying deep in your wardrobes - used or unused .... Kit which will become obsolete when the new kit finally does arrive.

Now is your chance to not only empty your wardrobes but also to help out fellow club members and maybe if you are in need of recompense, even make your self a few quid .

Posted 27th January 2009 by Anthony Vallario